Street Team Experience

Here is a list of street teams I’ve been on for reference of my experience.

Note: I may not recommend these books after reading them, I have reviewed them though and you can find my reviews here or on

Witemeyer, Jennings, Dykes, and Deese | The Kissing Tree

Holman, Bryant, Jones, Pennington, and Tero | A Very Bookish Thanksgiving

Kathleen Denly | Sing in the Sunlight

Faith Blum | I Love To Tell The Story

Alicia G. Ruggieri | The Secret Place of Thunder

Amanda Tero | A Strand of Hope

A.M. Heath | Hearts on Lonely Mountain

Blossom Turner | Katherine’s Arrangement

Jen Geigle Johnson | The Earl’s Winning Wager

Chautona Havig/Kari Trumbo/Cathe Swanson/Toni Shiloh | All Is Bright.

Sarah Grace Grzy | Never Say Goodbye

Elizabeth Goddard | Always Look Twice, Don’t Keep Silent.

Rachel Dylan | Backlash

Susan Anne Mason | The Highest of Hopes

Jody Hedlund | A Reluctant Bride, The Runaway Bride, A Bride of Convenience, Beholden, Beguiled, Besotted

Rachel Hauck | The Memory House

Ronie Kendig | Storm Rising

Kimberley Woodhouse | The Golden Bride, The Express Bride.

Morgan Tyree | Take Back Your Time

Natalie Walters | Living Lies, Deadly Deceit, Silent Shadows.

Rachelle Rea Cobb | Follow The Dawn

Michelle Keener | Made in Hollywood

Nicole Deese | Before I Called You Mine

Susan May Warren | The Heart of a Hero, The Price of Valor,

Amanda Dykes | Set the Stars Alight

Tari Faris | Until I Met You, While It Was Snowing

Sarah Monzon | Molly, Jocelyn,

Rachel Scott McDaniel | The Red Canary

Kristi Ann Hunter | Vying for the Viscount

Lisa Harris | The Escape

Authors who I have been on miscellaneous teams with: Angela R. Watts, Kellyn Roth, Sarah Holman, Rebekah Jones, Taylor Bennett, Eliza Noel

Publishers I work with: Revell Reads, Bethany House’s team, Sunrise Publishing.

Companies I work with: HF Virtual Book Tours, Partners in Crime Tours,

For each book that I influence, I will do a review and spotlight on my blog, if there is a song to fit the book I’ll also do a Music Monday post (one of my weekly posts.) I post on Instagram stories 3 times, on my feed 2-3 times. I share to Pinterest, I share on Facebook 3 times, once is sharing the author’s post, sometimes I will do a series of countdown posts, I post my review on 3-12 sites, and if I am not already I follow the author on social media. If there is anything that the author particularity want I will do that as well.